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Top Five Mini Golf Courses in Florida State

Florida is well known for its lush green golf courses, set in beautifully manicured landscapes, but for those less interested in maintaining their handicap and just having a lot of fun, nowhere does mini golf like the States! Here is our selection of the best mini golf courses in Florida state. FOUR!

Congo River Golf

In Orlando you’ll want to head to the awesome adventure golf at Congo River. We’d recommend this for the whole family, although this course is still challenging for the adults, as you’re playing right next to giant waterfalls, rocky summits, caves and tropical rainforests. They also offer a mini arcade and the chance to hold a live alligator, making the experience memorable. Hands down, a must visit while in Orlando.

Castle Golf

In Fort Myers you have to visit the one and only Castle Golf which is incredibly designed, the last hole is on the top of the castle. You’ll be surrounded by exotic palm trees, waterfalls and local wildlife. The course is based on an enchanted time of knights, dragons and medieval chivalry. Even the most serious players will be challenged on this 18-hole course. When you go, ask about the mystery hole and you might win a free round of golf.

Calusa Pines Golf Club, Naples

Another top golf course in Florida is the Calusa Pines Golf Club in Naples, in Florida’s south-west. The fairways of the course are lightning fast thanks to the considerably long length of the course – 7,203-yards – giving it an unusual character compared to other courses. The 10-hole course is surrounded by lush vegetation found in many parts of Calusa Pines, also giving it a botanical garden feel whilst playing. Calusa Pines also advocates a strong caddie program; guests are encouraged to walk this beautiful course and explore the surroundings.   

Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf

In Panama City, the exotic Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf course offers beautiful panoramic views atop the Gulf Coast’s tallest pirate mountain. You will be playing right over streams, along waterfalls and through caves. You can also choose from an easier or harder course, making it one of the best family friendly golf courses in Florida.

Monster Mini Golf

In Miramar, 15 miles from Miami, you’ll come across a miniature golf course like you have never experienced before. Imagine 18-holes of glow-in-the-dark mini golf with music classics playing in the background. Look out for their pop-culture artwork on the walls which are witty, comical, but also relatable to Miramar and the area.

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