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About Florida cruise and stay holidays

If there are two elements of a Florida holiday that go together perfectly, it is a Cruise and a land-based hotel stay, a package that features the very best of both worlds – time ashore to enjoy all the Sunshine State has to offer in its dazzling portfolio of land-based enjoyment, and 5-10 days indulging in a wonderful ocean voyage to the blissful Caribbean.

We’re tempted to say Florida and cruising are a marriage made in holiday heaven, as this truly is a combo of high-quality vacation superlatives. The ease with which you can revel in each element, plus the superb variety of modern-day cruising, make for ideal partners, and they fit together smoothly and seamlessly.

Just to start with, there are fully FOUR major cruise ports in the state – Miami, the ‘Cruise Capital of the World’; its near-neighbour Fort Lauderdale; trendy Tampa Bay; and rapidly-growing Port Canaveral, less than an hour from Orlando and Walt Disney World. This ensures you have max choice for your sea-going sojourn.

Each port features a different array of ships – genuine modern maritime marvels – to soothe or excite the holiday palate, as the mood takes you, but all of them offer the tantalising prospect of cruising among the bejewelled islands of the Caribbean, where beautiful, palm-fringed beaches mingle with emerald green forests and majestic mountains. Many cruise lines have their own private island for even more beach-going magnificence, while the ships themselves boast the latest in technology, amenities and creature-comforts for an all-out bliss-fest.

From fine dining to fabulous stage shows, and state-of-the-art Spas to elaborate water play areas, the cruise ships of today have everything to make the nautical half of your holiday an occasion of grand style. Our carefully-curated collection of cruise-and-stay opportunities therefore feature the finest elements of the nautical world as well our expertise in selecting the best ways to enjoy Florida’s own range of delights.

Florida cruise and stay
Florida cruise and stay
Florida cruise and stay
Florida cruise and stay

Try any of the combinations below and you can be sure of a totally memorable experience both at sea and ashore, and all at the best prices. Our list of cruise opportunities include:

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