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Multi-Destination Holidays

With our twin or multi-destination holidays, you can experience two, three or even four amazing destinations in one incredible trip. 

Why not combine your Florida holiday with stays along the US east coast to explore the fascinating Washington DC or the dazzling delights of New York?  Perhaps a few days in Las Vegas might be more your thing or combine Las Vegas within the classic Golden Triangle with Los Angeles and San Francisco before heading to the beaches in Florida to chill. The possibilities are endless. 

Here are a few of our favourites and some suggestions on what you can do but if you have something else in mind then let us know and we can design you the perfect holiday. It’s your holiday after all.

Los Angeles

New York

The “Big Apple” needs little introduction. The largest city in the USA and is known internationally for its entertainment, fashion, shopping, art, history, culture and much more.  There is simply something for everyone in the 24/7 city of New York.

Top tips – You will not do it all in one short visit so plan out what sights and things you wish to do in advance. It is an easy city to get around although often terribly busy above ground.  Wear comfortable shoes for lots of walking and use the Metro system to explore further afield.

Favourites – So many but we would recommend a walk along the High Line, a former elevated railway line that is now a scenic walkway, a brisk walk over Brooklyn Bridge before a well earnt lunch on the other side, or a mooch around Union Square Greenmarket (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday).

Local knowledge – That same metro system is a good alternative to a taxi ride back to JFK. Change to the Air Train at Jamaica.

How long? – You will not see it all and can always come back. We would recommend three or fours days pre or post your Florida stay.

new york Multi-Destination Holidays

Washington D.C.

Full of famous historical sights and monuments, as well as a large array of fascinating and free attractions.  One of the City hop-on, hop-off bus tours are a good way to get your bearings and pack as much into your city stay as possible.  For adventures further afield why not allow an extra day and head out to Baltimore.

Top tips – There is lots to see, including lots of free to enter museums, so plan your itinerary in advance. 

Recommendations? –  Lots to choose from but the National Museum of African American History & Culture is fascinating – as are the many other national museums.

How long? – Two or three days makes for an ideal stop over on route to Florida.

Insider tips – Hotel stays over the weekend can often be cheaper than staying mid-week or consider staying just outside in Arlington or Georgetown. Ask about onward flight routings from the closer Ronald Regan Airport rather than Dulles Washington Airport where the international flights arrive at. 

washington Multi-Destination Holidays

Las Vegas

So much more than just gambling can be found here. Just walking around some of the mammoth hotel resorts can be time well spent with each it seems trying to be bigger, better than the next with their theming or attraction.  A trip out to the Grand Canyon is an obvious must-do if you have not been before.

Top tips – Balance the ‘free’ stuff, like the watching the Bellagio dancing fountains or the light show at Fremont Street, with a special treat like a helicopter night tour over The Strip.  Food wise, some of the All-You-Can-Eat hotel buffets are out of this world. Come hungry, leave heavier.

Recommendations – Catch a show. One of the Cirque du Soleil ones will not disappoint or check out in advance which top talent shows are in town when you visit. 

How long? – As long as you think you can keep up with the pace!  We would suggest at least five days.

Something Different – How about a day tour to the mysterious Area 51 – or – play around in a big sand pit driving a full-size bulldozer. There are some very different experiences in Vegas to be had!

las vegas Multi-Destination Holidays

Los Angeles

California and Los Angeles have so much to offer but is widely spread.  We have picked out and recommend some of our favourite locations, but these can be just your base.  

Top tips – Mix and match time for the attractions and studio type tours with some more relaxing beach time. 

How long? – Anything between three days to three weeks. 

Something different – What about impressing your friends by taking surfing lessons on Santa Barbara beach.

los angeles Multi-Destination Holidays

San Fransisco

Famous sights, spectacular scenery and a wide and broad cultural diversity makes San Francisco one of the top must-visit places in the USA.

Top tips – There is lots to do and city within the City, but it can be very hilly. Come prepared. If you plan on visiting Alcatraz, you are best to book this before you arrive and well in advance. It often sells out.

How long? – For the City then three days is good, but why not allow extra time, rent a car or book a tour and head off into the wine countries of Napa or Sonoma. 

san fransisco Multi-Destination Holidays