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Can you book Florida for 2021?

By Susan & Simon Veness

The 17th century probably wasn’t the ideal time to be thinking of foreign holidays, what with the lack of reliable transport, various wars and the absence of decent sanitation, but it did come up with one valuable piece of advice: The early bird catches the worm.*

The author of that sage guidance almost certainly didn’t have Florida vacations in mind at the time, but it couldn’t be more apt when it comes to thinking ahead and being super-smart in your holiday planning. 

Of course, it always helps to be ahead of the crowd in most instances, but it is especially true of the holiday world these days. Although last-minute deals aren’t totally a thing of the past, they are becoming scarcer and that means finding genuine bargains is a much tougher task.

Happily, there is an answer, and it involves looking at the opposite end of the scale. Hence, if your question is, “Can I book a Florida holiday for 2021 yet?”, the response is not just a resounding ‘Yes,’ it is also highly advisable.

Because, if you’re thinking of a Florida trip in 2021, you CAN start the process now – and take advantage of what are likely to be some of the best prices fully 12 months ahead of time.

That’s because the travel business increasingly likes to be able to budget and organise things in advance. Most airlines are currently releasing flight prices for January 2021; hotels will be setting rates; and the attractions will be creating timetables and gate prices. It is all a matter of strategic planning and cost logistics (so they tell us).

For specialist travel agents (like America First Coast Travel), it also provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of the booking process, with maximum ‘elbow room’ to advise and guide customers towards the ideal trip. 

Airlines in particular will feature their lowest prices as soon as they are released, and you will want to be in on their most price-conscious deals as soon as you can. Therefore, if you are seriously considering a Florida holiday for 2021, you shouldn’t waste any time in calling to get at the head of the queue – and grab one of those deals.

Hopefully it goes without saying that if you’re booking well in advance it’s also advisable to have good travel insurance to make sure you are fully covered for any unforeseen circumstances, but then you should never travel long distance without comprehensive insurance anyway. 

Having steered you towards an early booking, we should also highlight why you’ll benefit from what promises to be one of the biggest years in recent Sunshine State history.

disney 2692578 1280 Florida 2021

Walt Disney World in Orlando

That’s because 2021 will mark the 5oth anniversary of Walt Disney World in Orlando, and the House of Mouse is already making major preparations to ensure the whole year is one of extra-special festivities and excitement.

Not only will there be new attractions and entertainment in most of their parks, the whole of Orlando will be sharing in the occasion and creating an air of expectation that we haven’t seen in decades.

Conversely, that means there will almost certainly be record attendances throughout Central Florida – which is one more reason to make sure you book as early as possible!

parks 2090658 1280 Florida 2021

Orlando is a unique holiday market in that it has more hotel rooms and vacation villas than anywhere else in the world, as well as more theme parks and other attractions, but even that expansive array of accommodations could be tested by such a major Mickey Mouse-fuelled occasion.

Ultimately, knowing you have your 2021 holiday all safely secured and confirmed will be a major bonus, and you can relax in the safe knowledge that prices are only likely to increase as the time approaches.

The best thing about booking well in advance, though? You get to anticipate the trip much longer than you usually do!

* According to ‘A Collection of English Proverbs, 1670-1678.’

Susan & Simon Veness are the UK’s leading experts on Florida, having written about it for more than 25 years and sold more than half a million copies of their books about Orlando, Disney and the Sunshine State.

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