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Island Hotel & Restaurant

The Island Hotel and Restaurant provides guests with a traditional quaint stay, which replicates the town that it is situated in. The hotel is near all the main attractions that Cedar Key has to offer.

Hotel Details

Why You Should Stay at Island Hotel and Restaurant

When visiting Cedar Key, you will get to explore a different way of life. The 800 permanent residents living in Cedar Key are a mixture of descendants of the early settlers, fisherman, artisans and retirees. This creates a community of people who have a sense of neighbourliness and friendliness while being diverse and energetic. This theme runs through into the hotel with each room having a romantic, traditional ambiance. The wooden beds and features have all been preserved to create an authentic stay for guests. None of the rooms have a TV or telephone giving you are your family quality time together without the modern distraction of technology.

Things to Do at Island Hotel and Restaurant

The hotel is located in the heart of Cedar Key, meaning that guests can experience the lifestyle of the town to its full extent.

Surrounded by water, Cedar Key is the perfect spot for someone who is looking to take part in water sports and activities. Kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards are all available to rent from local beaches. During your stay, why not live life like a local and charter a boat to go fishing.

Experience the beauty of Cedar Key by hiking up Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve where you will experience breathtaking views over the natural landscape. Cedar Key is also home to the Keys National Wildlife Refuge where thirteen offshore islands are designated as a Federal Wilderness Area, prohibiting it to be touched by mankind. Since 1975, when this area was created, it has become a sanctuary for sensitive wildlife such as sea turtles and exotic birds. This is a beautifully rare opportunity to see wildlife which is under threat in their natural habitat.

Cedar Key is enriched with organic and fascinating history. The Cedar Key Historical Museum allows you to discover how this history, dating back to when settlers moved here, has shaped Cedar Key to be the way that it is today.

Dining at Island Hotel and Restaurant

The restaurant at the Island Hotel provides an elegant dining experience for guests. With this being said, the restaurant is not stuffy and offers a casual atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and relaxed, in keeping with the Cedar Key attitude.

Complimentary breakfast is served to all the hotels guests, offering the option of a continental breakfast with fresh fruit and toast or a hot cooked breakfast.

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Orlando International Airport


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Exploring Cedar Key


Dining Options

There is on onsite dining option which offers fine dining. A complimentary breakfast is offered to all guests as well.

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Free Breakfast