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Gilchrist Club

Gilchrist Club offers its guest true southern hospitality situated next to a beautiful lake and is surrounded by untouched woodland just waiting to be explored.

Hotel Details

Why You Should Stay at Gilchrist Club

Gilchrist Club offers their guests true southern hospitality with great opportunities to hunt, shoot and fish in the woodland and lake surrounding the unique lodge. You will be guaranteed a relaxing and peaceful stay, with only the noise of animals and nature to listen to.

There are two types of lodges provided. The wooded cabins fit harmoniously with the surroundings, so that the natural landscape is not disturbed. The lodges have covered porches giving you the chance to sit outside and appreciate the settings around you. The fire pits in the lodge give a traditional and homely feel while the flat screen TVs provides entertainment when you are not out enjoying the natural surroundings.

Things to Do at Gilchrist Club

At the Gilchrist Club there are ample opportunities for you to experience hunting, shooting and fishing.

Gilchrist Club have 19 carefully managed fields, which spread across 27,000 acres making Quails abundant in this area. Gilchrist are specialists at hunting these birds. They have specialist guides who know the art of training and handling dogs, meaning that the pointers and retrievers can skilfully retrieve the birds once you have shot them.

On site at the Gilchrist Club, there is also a Wing shooting School which offers expert instructions provided by their staff who are NSCA and Orvis certified. There lessons help develop the instinctive approach to gun shooting. Once you have learnt the art of gun shooting, you are offered the chance to hunt waterfowl as well as sport clays.

As Gilchrist is situated on a beautiful lake and surrounded by other lakes in the area, guests have the opportunity to fish for freshwater fish. You can have free rein to fish by yourself or if needed, there are experienced guides on hand to help and guide you. As the lakes are extensive, there are plenty of different species you can catch, from catfish to trophy bass, meaning that it stays exciting. There are also opportunities at Gilchrist to travel to the mouth of the river Suwannee and experience one of the most bountiful fisheries on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Here the catches are phenomenal with speckled trout, flounder and redfish having been caught.

Dining at Gilchrist Club

Gilchrist Club offers traditional southern cuisine, focused on game that is caught locally. They aim to make their guests dining one of their highlights at Gilchrist Club. They also have an extensive wine cellar which is stocked with traditional favourites, while also offering the chance to try new and upcoming wines, which compliment the game perfectly. There are onsite mixologist offer exotic cocktails to enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

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Unspoilt Woodland


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Orlando International Airport


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Hunting, Shooting and Fishing


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Suwannee Lake Dining Lodge focuses on local wild game and exotic fare

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